Our US Patented anodized aluminum presses/molds for cigar & cannagar production are an incredible innovation in the marketplace. Minimizing messy and time-consuming efforts while maximizing pressure tolerances, our user-friendly molds yield optimal results in a variety of size options.

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No ropes or ties. No fragile plastic.

Cannagar Solutions has elevated the practice of wrapping compressed herbs to a fine science. The commercial-grade aluminum is nearly unbreakable, enabling superior pressure application and tightens together with metal bolts, creating a perfect and seamless seal. Notches in the bottom of the mold secure a bamboo skewer in place for creating a centered air channel. The aluminum ramrod features a round pommel handle for maximum user comfort as our custom hollow tips fit onto the skewer as you compress your cigar or cannagar. Clean & efficient, easy to use and made to last!


American aluminum. American labor. International appeal.


7" Aluminum Cigar Molds

46 Gauge, 52 Gauge, & 58 Gauge, Aluminum Cigar Mold / Press – Cannagar Mold – Teflon® coated.

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Optional Expansion Inserts

You can do more than double... add multiple tiers and go from industrious to industrial! Work smarter, not harder.




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