Thank-you for your interest in the Friends & Family rewards program.   The program is designed to reward your efforts in helping sell our products.   The program is easy.   If  you have someone you recommended our products to and they purchase our products, we want to reward you for those efforts.  


How the program will work:

  • You will be rewarded 10% of the product total of the new customer order (doesn’t include shipping or taxes).
  • Payment will be paid in 7-14 days after you have notified us via contact form or direct email.
  • Using the contact form, let us know, your contact information (name, address & phone), Venmo account to make payment to and the customer name & the customer order number.
  • We can cancel the program at any time without notice.  At the time the program ends, only open rewards would be paid out.
  • Charge backs or returns from the customer will remove the reward to be paid or if it has already been paid, the reward will be deducted from future reward payments.

Rules & Requirements:

  • You are a current customer….meaning you’ve purchased our products in the past.  We may require proof of purchase if we cannot locate your prior order information.
  • No limits, however, if you are rewarded over $600 in a calendar year we require a W4 filled out so we can issue a 1099 to you for tax purposes.  If you choose not to provide a W4, your earnings is capped at $600 for the calendar year
  • Purchases are required to made on our official website:
  • Any purchases on Ebay, Etsy, Amazon or a third party would not qualify for a reward.
  • Rewards only apply for first time customers and their first order.   Future orders from the customer will not qualify for a reward.
  • First time customer is defined as a new customer who has not purchased from us before.   This includes the address the customer uses has to be new as well.
  • Minimum order to qualify is $100.
  • Program is active now.   Orders placed prior to this date will not qualify.


So get out there and SELL, SELL, SELL & earn some CASH!