Black Friday BOGO – Buy one 5″ Aluminum Cigar Mold/Press and get a second 5″ or 7″ mold kit for 50% (+ smoking tip + stainless steel skewers included)


US Patented high quality commercial grade aluminum presses / molds for cigar and cannagars. Hard Coat Anodized to create a super slick surface.  Super tight tolerances to minimize any additional cleanup work before finishing your cigar. Select ring sizes you want. Modular design to expand this mold by adding inserts. 1/8″ skewer holes that do not extend out of the mold. This allows for smaller skewers and also allows for packing in material without the skewers having to hang out. Stand the mold up on your workbench load it up. Mold can be expanded cheaper than buying another mold. Look for our insert listing.

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Buy One 5″ mold and get a second one for 50% off.

First mold will be a kit and the second will be the mold kit as well.

Also, each kit will get a smoking tip and a package of stainless steel skewers.

Incredible deal!!!!!!!!

All other molds including the Combo mold are not included in this offer

  • Aluminum can be cleaned by washing to insure the purest mold for your cigars.
  • Pick up the mold only or the kit which includes a matching metal packer(includes tip) and startup pkg of skewers.
  • If you need multiple sizes of packing tips, they are available on a separate listing.
  • Manufactured here in the US.
  • Bolts and knobs included to hold the mold together while you pack in your product.

Advantages of Aluminum:

  1.  Outlasts & outperforms wood & plastic
  2.  Won’t crack/shrink/warp and hold bacteria like wood & 3d printed molds
  3.  Less sticking than compared to wood and plastic
  4.  Clean the aluminum mold by hand washing with mild soap
  5.  Highest quality and consistency
  6.  Designed for high quality commercial cigar production

Ring size translation:

22 gauge = .34” diameter
26 gauge = .40” diameter
32 gauge = .5” diameter
38 gauge = .59” diameter
40 gauge = .625” diameter
42 gauge = .656” diameter
46 gauge = .719” diameter
52 gauge = .8125” diameter
60 gauge = 1” diameter

**nothing else included beyond what is listed here**

Additional information

5" Mold

32g – 6 Slot 5" with(Packer + 100 Skewers), 40g – 5 Slot 5" with(Packer + 100 Skewers)

2nd Mold Kit

32 gauge 6-slot 5" Mold, 40 Gauge 5-slot 5" Mold, 46 Gauge 4-slot 7" Mold, 52 Gauge 4-slot 7" Mold, 58 Gauge 3-slot 7" Mold

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