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22 gauge, 26 gauge, 32 gauge, 40 gauge & 46 gauge reusable Aluminum Smoking Tips

Advantages of aluminum smoking tip:

  • Reusable
    • Clean and Sanitize for next cigar
    • No purchasing a smoking tip again – wood smoking tips are burnt up as you smoke your cigar
    • Save money since you never have to buy a smoking tip again
  • No smoking taste issues
    • No guarantee of chemical traces in wood tips since they are made outside the US
    • Aluminum will not have any taste as the manufacturing of our smoking tips align to food grade standards
  • Draw thru a 2.5mm hole to reduce the heat during your inhale versus a 3mm hole

Inside diameters:

22g is 6mm or .24”
26g is 7.2mm or .28”
32g is 9.5mm or .37”
40g is 12.7mm or .5”
46g is 15.1mm or .59”

Outside Diameter (OD):
22g is 8.2mm or .32
26g is 9.2mm or .36”
32g is 11.5mm or .45”
40g is 14.7mm or .58”
46g is 17.1mm or .67”

To use:

  • Put the mold together.
  • Drop in the smoking tip into the slot.
  • Place skewer down through the mold into the smoking tip hole
  • Begin packing process by following instructions included with our mold



When smoking and the end of the cigar approaches the tip, the tip will transfer heat onto the smoking tip.   We recommend putting out your cigar to avoid the tip becoming hot.  Dig out the small amount left and reuse the remaining herbs however you’d like.   Clean it up and it’ll be ready for your next cigar.

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Weight .2 oz
Dimensions 1 × .5 × .5 in

Gold, Red, Green, Blue, Rose Gold


22 gauge, 26 gauge, 32 gauge, 40 gauge, 46 gauge